Quality wins: Bernd Gruber honored at International Property Awards 2016/2017

An homage to highest quality, inner peace and beauty – Bernd Gruber’s Chalet »Jochberg« is honored with »Best Interior Design Private Residence Austria«.

The European Property Award is one of the biggest, most prestigious and well-known awards in Europe and honors companies from all sectors of the real estate industry. Submitted projects are rated by a jury of 70 independent industry experts by their design, quality and sustainability.
The Chalet »Jochberg« was chosen as one of the most extraordinary and ambitious projects in the area interior design in the year 2016.

»This award shows once again, how relevant Bernd Gruber is and appreciates Bernd Grubers vision of creating sophisticated interior concepts.« Peter Bruderhofer, COO

»We are very happy about this appreciation. We have been working in an international environment for a couple of years now and this award shows, that we are doing the right thing.« Bernd Gruber