Tradition meets Design

50 years of practical experience in carpentry and 20 years of interior design have taught us to create living spaces as individual as the people who inhabit them. To that end, we strive to adjust the traditions of craftsmanship to fit the ever-changing demands of design, allowing something unique to come to life.

Design Tradition Handwerk Bernd Gruber


Ample years of experience in interior design bolster our stylistic self-assurance, sharpen our senses, and strengthen our intuition. The creative process itself emerges out of the process of grappling with space, materials and trends. The creative process then runs either
a goal-oriented course according to clients’ wishes or a more playful course relying on an experimental approach.

Tischlereihandwerk Tradition Handwerk Bernd Gruber


Stellar training in craftsmanship and a high standard of quality provide the basis for the drive that compels us day by day. In addition to years of experience, a certain sense of intuition is needed in order to work skillfully with diverse materials and techniques. How the wood is worked, how the leather is tanned, how the lacquer is polished, or how the metal is waxed – the „how’s“ are the factors that determine quality.