Where beautiful things are created:
The new Bernd Gruber quality studio

Tucked away in an extraordinary setting in the quiet countryside of the Stuhlfelden region, an impeccably qualified team of craftsmen is working hard to make great homes even better. This calls for furniture that is more than just pretty, but that also invites users to partake gladly of life: panelled walls that convey a comfortingly cosy feel, wooden surfaces that seem both untouched and so exquisitely silky that one simply cannot help reaching out to stroke them again and again. Our latest film shows how the new produc-tion studio – spread over 3500 square meters – fashions products that are emblematic of immense skill and a deep love of craftsmanship.

Workshop / Office

Mountains on our doorstep. Local staff. Our factory has many advantages. The elegant concrete building blends seamlessly into the Pinzgauer Alpine landscape. We've extended the south-facing workshop with floor-to-ceiling windows by 2,000 square metres to provide an inspiring atmosphere to jointly create something unique.

Preparation Department

With exposed concrete, a cast-iron floor, furniture made from natural, local oak and exposed wires on the ceiling, you can feel the Bernd Gruber quality as soon as you enter the reception area: stylish, exclusive and authentic. A pleasant working environment is important to us – for the well-being of our visitors and the motivation of our staff. The bright architecture of the preparation department allows plenty of scope for finding the perfect solution, even for challenging projects.


The spacious rooms demonstrate that we've produced an environment where something really special can be made. This is mainly due to our staff, which creates unique items every day. They're supported by state-of-the-art machinery, sophisticated production processes and smart working solutions, such as adjustable workbenches and a floor made of recycled cabling, on which they can safely walk and stand. The solid concrete construction ensures optimum soundproofing, and the autonomous heating system environmental sustainability.